PFX School

Ever thought of building your own bike? Don’t have the tools? Don’t have the means? We put an end to that. We at PFX want you to learn and enjoy motorcycling. We are pleased to show you how to fabricate your own bike from the frame stage, right to paint and final assembly. You learn grinding, welding and machine shop techniques. Then to the fabrication of building your own tank, fenders, bars, exhaust, and even designing your own wheels.

You will then meet the talented people that will paint, chrome, or powder coat your parts. When it comes back for final assembly, you will assemble, wire and drive your new bike out of the shop, all under the trained eyes of the PFX crew. You’ll get the opportunity to build your one-of-a-kind custom motorcycle and feel confident in doing so.


The Scoop: You buy everything you need from us, you pay our hourly rate, and you work with us to build your dream bike. PRICELESS.

This has been very good with families to spend some time with their kids and really gets some unforgettable memories out of it and a trophy that’s with them for a lifetime.


Call us to schedule an appointment, you won’t regret it.