Our Friends


Our Friends

Here is a small list of a few of the companies that are special to us. Click on the link and you will open up their website. If you see something you like, give us a call and we can bring it in for you. If you see something that you like that isn’t listed for your particular Make/Model/Year give us a shout and we’ll see if we can source it from other friends.

CHOPPERS INC – www.choppersinc.com

THUG MOTORCYCLES – www.thugmotorcycles.com

PARTS CANADA – https://www.partscanada.com/our-catalogues/

MID USA – http://www.mid-usa.ca/

KIMPEX – https://www.kimpex.com/en-ca/home

THIBAULT IMPORTS – https://importationsthibault.com/en/

FULLBORE MARKETING – https://www.fullboremarketing.ca/

TWISTED THROTTLE – https://twistedthrottle.com/

BMC MOTORCYCLE – https://www.bmcmc.com

SADDLEMEN SEATS – https://saddlemen.com/

CORBIN SEATS – https://www.corbin.com/projects/

LePERA SEATS – http://lepera.com/

TRASK PERFORMANCE – https://www.traskperformance.com/

KRUAS – https://www.krausmotorco.com/

BIG BEAR PERFORMANCE – https://bigbearperformance.com/

415 CLOTHING – https://415clothing.com/

WEST COAST CHOPPERS – https://www.westcoastchoppers.com/

MOTOGADGET – https://motogadget.com/en/

THUNDER BIKE – https://www.thunderbike.com/

DIRTY BIRD CONCEPTS – https://dirtybirdconcepts.com/

S&S CYCLES – https://www.sscycle.com/

JIM’S USA – https://www.jimsusa.com/

FUEL MOTO – https://www.fuelmotousa.com/

LUCKY DAVES – https://luckydaves.com/collections/seats

THRASHIN SUPPLY – https://www.thrashinsupply.com/

LORDS OF GASTOWN – https://www.lordsofgastown.com/

V-TWIN MANUFACTURING – https://www2.vtwinmfg.com/home

CHOPPER HAUS – https://www.chopperhauss.net/

DRAG SPECIALTIES – https://www.dragspecialties.com/

PERFOMANCE MACHINE (PM) – https://www.performancemachine.com/

HAWG HALTERS (HHI) – https://www.hawghalters.com/